At Music Learning for Kids, we offer a variety of musical options for your child to participate in:

Music Learning for Kids Group Class (for Toddler & Pre-School children)

Awaken and develop your child’s inborn musicality! Music Learning for Kids Group Classes are an active, joyful music-making program that gives your child the skills to make music from birth. Singing, moving, listening, playing simple instruments and music games are so much fun when we do them together!

The classes are fun-filled, half-hour weekly lessons of rhythm and song that can increase your young child’s mathematical potential while letting their creative nature free. This class features language development through singing, creative movement, rhythm ensembles and basic musical concepts, while also integrating both aural and written skills.

Lessons Offered

Private Lesson Options (around 4+)

Music Learning for Kids offers a variety of options in regard to private instruction:

  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Theory
  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Violin

*Note:  Instrument rental options are available and information can be supplied


Lessons Offered

Private Lesson Structure

  • Weekly 30min or hour lessons with your Music Learning for Kids teacher.
  • Individualized curriculum designed for each student.
  • Performance opportunities and recitals throughout the year.
  • Continually monitored process by both associate teacher and Ms. Harris.
  • Mandatory attendance- missed lessons must be rescheduled.
  • Fiscal year extends from September to June, with optional July and August lessons .
  • Every lesson deals with all aspects dictated by the Royal Conservatory of Music piano or vocal curriculum and guaranteed, if followed, to produce successful results.  The intention is to introduce and prepare students for future RCM examinations while enjoying and exploring the creative aspect of music.