Fees are due and payable the 1st day of every month from September through to June. 10 post-dated cheques are required to complete registration (payable to Music Learning for Kids). Additional cheques are required if you wish your child to attend the optional July and August lessons. There is also an annual $50 registration fee/child paid by cheque post-dated the 1st of September.

Music Fees:

  • Weekly half-hour lessons = $100/month
  • Twice weekly half-hour lessons (or an hour lesson) = $175/month

Family discounts:

  • Two children taking weekly half hour lessons = $175/ month
  • Three children taking weekly half hour lessons= $250/month
  • Four children taking weekly half hour lessons = $325/month

Parents with children in the Royal Conservatory examination levels may purchase their child’s music books at one of several locations which will be provided by their child’s music teacher, along with a book list, when new books are required.  Music Learning for Kids will cover all beginner music books.

The cancelation policy at Music Learning for Kids requires 30 days notice, and must be given on the first of the month before the month you wish you leave (e.g. must notify by October 1st if you wish to leave the program by November ). Those who do not adhere to this rule must pay for that month of lessons.